Friday, October 3, 2008

Your first ruby code

Create a file in your linux using the following command

shell> touch helloworld.rb

or open up vi editor with the name of the new file to be created

shell> vi helloworld.rb

In the file that is opened, write your code by taking the following steps

1. Press i key on your keyboard
2. You will enter the write mode and now you can write your text [puts "Hello World"]

Now save and close down the file by taking the following steps

1. Press ESC key on your keyboard
2. Write :wq and Press Enter

The file will get saved and you will be thrown out to the shell prompt.

On shell prompt write the following command

shell> ruby helloworld.rb

You will shown the following output

Hello World

Thats it to writing your first ruby script and executing it on linux.

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