Friday, October 3, 2008

Setting up Ruby on Linux

The following are the steps that I performed to install ruby on my linux machine.

I went to There I found out a section with the heading Ruby Source Code

I pick the url of the link for the file using the right click and choosing the 'copy link location' in my firefox.

Then I went to the shell on my linux and put the following command

shell> wget

This downloaded the ruby source code to my root directory. I extracted the file using the following command

shell> tar -xvf ruby-1.8.7-p72.tar.gz

This command extracted the source archieve to ruby-1.8.7-p72 directory. Then I enter into this ruby-1.8.7-p72 directory and executed the following command

shell> ./configure

This is actually not a command rather a script, that is run to check the required configurations for the installation purposes. At the successful run of this script I executed the following command

shell> make

This make command compiled the code. At the end of the make command I executed the following command

shell> make install

This make install command installed the ruby and placed the ruby files in appropriate folders.

Thats all to what I did for installing ruby on a linux machine.

You can confirm your ruby installation by using the following command

shell> ruby -v

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

You are totally awesome, I don't know why it worked but it finally did for the nth time trying using your specific instructions, thanks man

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